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"My 3 year old daughter took about 5 minutes to learn how to ride and balance on the PV Glider. Her confidence grew with every passing minute while riding this bike. After about three weeks on the PV Glider, she asked me to take the training wheels off her standard bike. She first just coasted on it like the PV Glider, than after a short while, she was peddeling on her own. At 3 years and 1 month old, she was riding a two wheeled bike. She still prefers to us the PV Glider over her standard bike. Later this month she is going to do her first Mt. Bike race in the 3-5 year old catagory and has told me she wants to use her PV Glider for the race. What more can be said. It's a great little bike than builds a childs balance and confidence quickly." -Mark from St. Augustine, FL

"Within two weeks of buying the PV Glider my daughter wanted the trainning wheeles off her bike. She took about 10 minutes of practice without the trainning wheeles and was off to the races!" -Joe Gallo from Massachusetts

"My son is two years old and he loves his glider! It is simply amazing to watch him go. I don't think he realizes that he has learned how to balance on two wheels. " -Leslie from NC

"I have given the mini glider as a gift to three children under 3. All three girls started off with both feet on the ground and just pushing slowly. Within days, they went from one foot on the peg to gliding. The best part, the smiles the confidence and ease in which they balance and maneuver. The pegs make it easy and the handbreaks are easy to master. This is a high quality bike and can be passed on. Lisa, North Carolina" -lisa from north carolina

"I just have to say I am so amazed by your product. My daughter who is 4 years old just learned to ride her bike today. We owe it all to the PV Glider. She started practicing on the PV glider for 5 days. By the 5th day or practicing she was gliding effortlessly and able to even rest her feet on the foot pegs. Since she was so comfortable with gliding on the PV Glider, we decided to take off her training wheels on her bike. As soon as the training wheels were off she jumped on her bike and began to glide without her feet on the pedals. But within 30 seconds, she gave a push with her feet and proceeded to pedal around the driveway. She was riding her bike without assistance for the next hour. WOW we were so amazed. Thank you PV Glider. You made teaching my daughter to ride a bike something she did all on her own and with the greatest of ease. Where was this product when I was learning to ride a bike. All children should learn to ride a bike this way!!!!! Thank you Valerie Adams Lincoln Nebraska" -Valerie Adams from Lincoln Nebraska

"I can't believe how fast my son learned to ride a bike. It only took two days on the PVGlider to get him to the point where he was comfortable on a two-wheel bike. Of course, he still prefers the PVGlider to his two-wheeler at this point."

"We have two gliders for our kids who both can now ride bicycles but still enjoy riding the gliders as do the other kids in the neighborhood."

"What I was most amazed at was how fast my daughter was able to balance the PV Glider and the smile on her face. It is a great confidence builder."

By TX mom of 2 "teacher mom" A Preschooler's Dream Vehicle - Totally Recommended (North TX, USA) - I researched available balance bikes and decided that the Mini Glider is the best for my son. He loves it and couldn't be happier. Here's what sets the Mini Glider apart from the other choices: - Super lightweight.Weight is 8 pounds. Compare to the 14 pound Kettler Sprint. The lighter, the easier for a young child to manipulate. Watch my son mount, turn around, dismount, and even lift his Mini Glider with ease. - Foot pegs for ease of riding and transition to a pedal bike. Most brands have no foot rest for training foot position. The Glider Rider Bike has a 10-inch footplate, but my son's shoes are already 9 inches long. His big feet fit on the Mini Glider's foot pegs with no trouble. - Hand brake. Some others leave this out, saying that the child shouldn't go faster than his feet can stop him. My son figured out how to use the brake on his own. It is helpful to him when stopping at the bottom of a hill. At the end of the video, just before the last notes of the music, you can hear the "Shhh" of the brake as he brings the glider to a safe stop. - Solid, no-pump tires. With a vehicle this lightweight, you don't need the hassle of airing up tiny tires. These tires are sturdy and give plenty of traction. - Seat easily adjusts with the turn of one bolt. - Minimal assembly required. Simply insert the handle bars, tighten with the included tool, adjust the seat, and go. - Excellent customer service from the manufacturer. I had a question, and when I called the # in the instruction manual I spoke to a real person immediately. My son is a tall (44-inch) 4 1/2 year old. Not particularly athletic or graceful, it took him until the age of 4 to learn to pedal a tricycle. When he became interested in bicycles, I got him the Mini Glider. At first, he straddled the seat and waddled with the glider. He soon progressed to walking, running, one-foot-pumping, and coasting with his feet up. The video shows his amazing progress from his second day of riding the glider through 2 1/2 weeks of learning. He loves showing off his skills to everyone, and he wants to go riding every day. Edit: The new model now offered for sale has a quick-release seat clamp. No tool is needed to adjust the seat. They have also made the handlebars adjustable, for an even more customizable fit. Excellent! "

I ordered a Strider for my son's 3rd birthday, and receievd it in defective condition. The handlebar collar was crooked - took a lot of finagling to straighten it out - as was the front wheel axle. Frustrating for a product whose manufacturer touts it as high quality. Made in China - for folks who have issues with that. I had my son sit on it anyway, to see how he liked it. He is a tall 3 y.o. (43 inches). Even with the seat at the highest position, he was cramped. When speaking to the vendor about a replacement, I mentioned my concerns about the size. They recommended the PV Glider, which we like a great deal. My son took to it quickly, and even with the seat at the lowest level, he has room to walk/run. Strider seems to have a shorter frame between the seat and handlebar. For smaller kids, it would probably work just fine, but for larger ones, I vote for the PV Glider.Read review

July 15, the charge for a Skuut bike was put on my credit card and the bike was delivered to my grandson. Less than 2 months later, the wood splintered near the front part of the bike and can no longer be ridden. I called your 800 number and was told to bring this issue up with customer service as there is only a 30 day satisfaction guarantee with your company. 2 months for a $82 bike that a 3 year old did not abuse is unacceptable. Please advise me. Thank you. Replaced with Mini Glider and very happy with it. Read review on MTBR.com Karen CA.

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